BLACK FACES / Meeting/Movement, Museum der Fotografie Görlitz, Germany 2011

The project refers to the works of Professor Eugeniusz Get Stankiewicz. The project uses his new series of graphics, which hasn’t been presented yet (except for two graphics published in the 59th issue of the Format Art Magazine, which was dedicated to the author). These graphics were made many years ago and were to be gradually blackening. The blackening process was never complete because Get Stankiewicz died in April, 2011. As his close associate I was to overlook the process personally. In my composition I used Get Stankiewicz’s graphics and my own. The final work will present a number of portraits and a graphic that we both co-author. The idea to make a work together appeared a few years ago in the studio of Professional Drawing when Get Stankiewicz made a copperplate and I made a drawing on it.