THE ANGEL OF … / installation and a series of photos

The title ‘The Angel of …’ refers to the places which seem wonderful and captivating but which are also bound and not free. The installation is a collection of photos displayed by projectors. They are arranged on the floor made of a titan and zinc board which reflects the light. The board is supposed to resemble sunlight and the sun. The installation is inspired by the work of Ryszard Kapuściński, his reporter-like style of presenting reality and his fascination with Africa. Just like Kapuściński, who has travelled to many wonderful but dangerous places, I also set out on a journey. I become a documentary journalist and a commentator. I work on a project in which I make use of photos available in the Internet. The main character of the project is the Angel, whom I place in wonderful places. I present photos whose backgrounds show idyllic scenes such as sunsets, while in the foreground we can see dramatic moments in the lives of inhabitants of places like Syria in 2012. This combination of two worlds – a picturesque landscape and a brutal world dominated by war and fear – is intended to bring about a reflection on the contemporary world.